The New & Award Winning Wi-Fi® Smart Deadbolt

ARRAY, won the coveted “Best Indoor Living Product” at the 2017 International Builder’s Show…and for good reason. ARRAY is the only cloud and app enabled internet of things (IoT) device that you can use right out of the box without the need for expensive hubs or monthly contracts. ARRAY connects your smart device with your home’s Wi-Fi® router. It connects to either an iOS or Android device so you don’t have to read the fine print. SIMPLE.

ARRAY is the only smart lock with an advanced rechargeable power system. Recharging is easy. Just remove the battery, charge it with the included USB cable, wall plug, and quick charge cradle and put it back into the lock. Recharging only takes a few hours. You won’t lose your settings or have to reprogram the lock. ARRAY also has a built in solar panel and can be powered by the sun if your lock is in direct sunlight. The app has a handy battery indicator so you always know your battery status. SMART.

ARRAY uses highly secure encryption technologies, to ensure security and reliability as you’d expect from Brinks. SECURE.

ARRAY Simply Smart Security.™