The NEW Smart Deadbolt

Secure Control from Anywhere™

Greetings to all our kind and patient Array Beta Testers!


We have some BIG news! The Array Smart Deadbolt is now owned by Hampton. This means that the Array lock has been rebranded. WE have lots to do!

However, the only thing on your to-do list is to get the Array Smart Lock working on the new "Array by Hampton" app. Honestly, if you are an Array beta veteran 😉 you will know these steps very well!

1. Find and download the "Array by Hampton" app in your phone's app store. Link to app.

2. Delete the "Brink's Array" app.

3. Master reset your lock.

4. Start the Array's setup in your new "Array by Hampton" app.

We sincerely appreciate all your patience through the beta testing phase. If you have opted out of testing the Array and do not have it connected, please send a message through or text so we can update our records.

We would like to hear any concerns or feedback you may have to offer.

Call us! 1-800-850-LOCK(5625).

Email us at and we now have the option to chat online!


-Array Care Team

(Kara & Zach)