The NEW Smart Deadbolt

Secure Control from Anywhere™

Welcome Array Beta Tester,     

We are so excited to report that an Array Smart Deadbolt is on its way to you today, Look for it to arrive in the next couple of days.   

Thank you for being part of our Array beta team! We will be asking you to provide us with feedback of your experience, from installation to using all the features.    

As a beta tester, you may find some things frustrating and we will likely ask you to reset or re-configure your lock more than once. We know this is work and we appreciate your willingness to participate with us. We promise to do our best to support you in every way possible and to honor your commitment.   

The best way for us to keep things in order and have you test the Array, is to provide you with a checklist.  (Follow the instructions in the manual, and visit Array.Care for additional support if needed.)  

Here is your beginner’s checklist for beta testing your new Array product!   

  1. Physically install the Array lock  
  2. Download and configure the Brink’s Array smartphone app  
  3. Lock and unlock with the app
  4. Lock with the B Brink’s button 
  5. Unlock with E-code  
  6. Try the Geofencing feature
  7. Rename the "Place"  
  8. Rename the "Lock"  
  9. Change the address of your Place.  
  10. Master reset the lock and start over.    

Once the lock is connected to your Brink’s Array app, the E-code and E-key testing can begin.  

To invite another user for E-key testing:
(This is different than how it will work in production, in Beta we have to add the users' email address to our beta database first and send them an email where they will download the app BEFORE they can accept your invitation)      

Email with the information below:
Email address linked to your Apple ID or Google Play ID: 
Amazon ID(for the Alexa skill)
They will 
receive the invitation email with the link to download the Brink’s Array app.  
Issue them an e-Key in your App, they will receive the invitation email and the App will launch when the activate the invitation.

You will find step-by
-step instructions to setup your E-keys and E-codes in the knowledgebase. 

Along the way, please take pictures of your lock installation, screenshots of any errors in the app and provide us with plenty of feedback!   

Array.Care is Available:

  • By Phone: 1-800-850-LOCK (5625)
    Weekdays 7am-5pm, Saturdays 9am-1pm Pacific
  • Email:  
  • Web: www.Array.Care 
    Or click the Support button in the bottom right hand corner and open a support ticket. 

Watch for the next Beta Tester Newsletter. The Newsletter will alert you to new updates and a helpful beta testing guide. This is the best way that we can ensure you are informed on all of the current and future Array features.   

Thank you again for your commitment to helping us launch a great product!   

Your Array Care Team